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Thank you for your interest in Keliix

Keliix Philosophy is to develop the skills and abilities of young soccer players, to organize and field teams at the highest possible level, and to build lasting relationships among soccer players, their coaches, and their families.  Training takes place year-round, with a few breaks between seasons. Keliix's training is what makes it unique in the spectrum of youth soccer clubs:  at the younger ages, the focus is on individual ball skills, experimentation, and building confidence as a soccer player; as players age, team tactics and cohesion become more important.  

Please contact manager of the team you are interested in joining or for general information

Keliix Teams 2023-24 Season

Team Manager (*New) Manager email Co-Manager(s) Co-Manager email
U8 Boys (2016) Leah Krumpholz*
U8/9 Girls (2016/15) David Ellis* Alyssa Jusczak*
U9 Boys1 (2015) Juliana Junqueira Penetta* julianapanetta@gmailcom
U9 Boys2 (2015) Dan Jankovich Sujata Das
U10 Girls (2014) Anna Amankwa Juliana Junqueira Penetta julianapanetta@gmailcom
U10 Boys1 (2014) Maren Loftness Michael Marsh
U10 Boys2 (2014) Sarah Lockner*
U11 Boys National (2013) Matt Schwein Kayla Schwein
U11 Boys State (2013) Jessica Jacobson
U12 Boys National (2012) Meighan Frederick
U12 Boys State (2012) David Zazworsky*
U12 Girls (20162 Rebecca Axner Beth Featherstone*Abby Hougan
U13 Boys (2011) Sara Ahluwalia
U13 Girls (2011) Carla Froehle
U14 Boys (2010 Jennifer Kleven Emily Crawford
U14 Girls (2010) Marni Thomas
U15 Girls (2009) Victor Ferris Kendra Krueger
U15 Boys (2009) Dan Tetzlaf Abby Hougan
U16 Girls (2008) Pete Dahlquist
U16 Boys (2008) Carrie Bachman Kinberly Wong
U17 Girls (2007) Erin Downing
U17 Boys (2007) Jill Bjorholm Jenny Dahlke
U18 Boys (2006) Kristina Fruge Carrie Proetz
U18 Girls (2006) Karla Clow Renee FawcettErica Gardner
U19 Boys (2005) Sue Holmes Tracy Smith
U19 Girls (2005) Gabe Kuhfuss