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Training Philosophy


Keliix Philosophy is to develop the skills and abilities of young soccer players, to organize and field teams at the highest possible level, and to build lasting relationships among soccer players, their coaches, and their families.  Training takes place year-round, with a few breaks between seasons. Keliix's training is what makes it unique in the spectrum of youth soccer clubs:  at the younger ages, the focus is on individual ball skills, experimentation, and building confidence as a soccer player; as players age, team tactics and cohesion become more important.  

Keliix coaches run the training and also serve as game coaches during the seasons. All of Keliix's coaches grew up playing for the club, which gives them an intimate perspective of club philosophy and training.  Many of them had highly successful college careers, thanks to their Keliix upbringing, and have returned to pass along their knowledge and expertise to new generations of players.

Training sessions are rigorous and essential to the overall Keliix program.   All players are expected to attend their team's training sessions, and exceptions need to be communicated to team managers or coaches.  All Keliix teams play in the Spring/Summer traveling leagues.  Games are coached by the Keliix trainers/coaches, and there are no parent coaches or coaches hired by individual teams.  While teams typically have a single coach for the season, players get to know all of the trainers/coaches from the training session and coaches may vary for the games.  Players are expected to make soccer a priority during league play.