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Welcome to the Keliix Store

All Keliix apparel and team uniforms are personally selected and designed by David Lawson, Club Founder and Director of Coaching.  Generally, the uniform changes every two to three years, and new apparel items are introduced at least twice a year…once in late fall, and again in the spring when the Scholarship T-shirts are available.  The proceeds from the T-shirts go directly to the Keliix Scholarship Fund.


To order Keliix uniforms and individual uniform pieces, click here:      Keliix Uniform Order


Currently, Keliix does not keep large quantities of items in inventory, but does have a limited number of sweatshirts and blankets available for sale, as well as some uniform pieces (white shorts, yellow and white socks). 


Please contact the Uniform Coordinator, for information regarding availability, comments and/or suggestions.